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Subsystem for Power Control (SSU)


It is aimed for distribution, control and protection of power supply lines of power equipment as well as for recording power consumption at oil, gas and petrochemical and other facilities.

SSU is used for operation under three phase voltage at 380V, 50 Hz and amperage up to 600A.

Examples of SSU Application


SSU provides power supply and control over switching on and off of the following equipment:

  • Pumps
  • Motors of various capacity
  • Electric drives for shutdown valves and fittings
  • Samplers
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Regular and emergency lights (outside/inside)
  • Heating elements
  • Electric panels and other equipment



  • Current distribution in supply lines
  • Protection of supply lines from short circuits and overload through installation of protection devices and automatic shutdown
  • Switching on and off power supply for connected equipment, selection of operation mode, setting up rate, capacity and torque for the equipment controlled

Upon additional request one can install devices for automatic switch on of standby, indicating elements, alarm for parameters of input and output lines, power consumption metering devices.

Components used for SSU are manufactured in Russia and abroad.

Current distribution function - it is possible to form groups of power consumers with the link to the type of consumers, location of the power consumer etc.

Protection function - SSU provides protection from overloading, short circuit, low voltage, phases distortion.

Control function - control is implemented through the one of the following:

  • Magnetic starter (MS)
  • Frequency converter (FC)
  • Soft starter (SS)

Control signals for switching on/off are received from PCS (automatic control) and local control panels (local control). Also it is possible to locate control elements on the SSU front panel (remote control).

In order to optimize control over connected devices one can install couplers with control devices. This coupler could be a controller with required modules of digital and analogues inputs and outputs. As a rule it is used when a significant number of lines is connected.

When this coupler is installed the data on the control and line state are transmitted to PCS through various interfaces (RS485/232, CAN), or through Ethernet by Modbus, Profibus, TCP/IP protocols.



SSU is a cabinet with electric and control equipment located inside. Elements indicating the state and control over connected lines are located on the cabinet door (front panel). It is possible to install voltmeters and A-meters to display parameters of main and standby inputs.

Components are installed to the cabinet considering the distribution of outcoming lines in accordance with functional distribution or location of the equipment to be connected.

Depending on the type and quantity of the equipment to be connected and rated current, to locate SSU equipment one can use cabinets for one-way or two-way servicing, to be mounted to the wall or installed onto the floor. Cabinets are equipped with locks to avoid the unauthorized access. Dimensions of the cabinet, options for installation and mounting are defined when placing an order.


Technical Parameters



 Rated voltage, V

380 (-10%, +10%)

 Rated amperage, А

up to 600

 Number of power consumers to be connected

defined by the Customer's requirements

 Protection (defined when placing the order)


 Operation temperature ranges, °С

from 0 to +50

 Weight, not more, kg


Upon additional requirements SSU parameters can be changed.

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