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Blast Oxygen Production

Lines for Raw Materials Acceptance and Treatment Batching Lines Material Handling Lines

SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers the following for material handing systems for blast oxygen production:

  • Designing, manufacturing and supply of automated process lines for receipt, handling and batching of materials, dedusting system with high efficiency and safe operation of the equipment
  • Designing with the consideration of the operation conditions and linking the lines to the existing steel structures and process equipment
  • Backing up of the main line for materials handing in order to provide uninterrupted filling of converter storage bins (for example, the conveyor with SICON folded belt) 

Project management system of SME Tomsk Electronic Company allows implementing successful projects jointly with international companies, such as Siemens VAI - partner on the upgrade of Blast Oxygen Shop #1 of OAO NTMK.

Features of Process Lines

  • Maximum relative error of batching does not exceed (0.5 -1)% out of the batched portion
  • Automated supervision over the accuracy of belt batchers when loading materials into the converter and automatic calibration of belt batchers
  • Automatic batching of materials into the converter according to any temporary schedules for material supply (preset portion during the certain time period and at the preset time moment), all materials can be batched at the same time
  • "Salvo" loading of the converter is fully avoided
  • Reduction of noise and dust level in the area of the conveying line operation and linking this equipment with dedusting system

Control algorithm for transportation and batching of materials has been implemented within the unified software by Siemens VAI multi-project (material handling conveyor, converter, gas scrubbing, dedusting).

Special techniques are developed for the implementation of such projects in order to provide gradual commissioning, avoiding shutdown or reducing the shutdown time to minimum.

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