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Basic Automation Tools

Software and hardware developed by leading international companies are applied as basic automation tools allowing generating deeply integrated automation systems from the level of instrumentation up to MES and ERP levels based on the most advanced automation technologies.

On the other hand using upon Customer's approval our own developments such as - electric drives and packaged automatics, integrated metering systems, gas detection systems, as well as using our own electronic, mechanical and assembly production allows finding the best options of automation systems for each specific project.

When developing automation systems we gained the relevant experience and possess bug-free solutions for software and hardware by the following companies:

  • Emerson Process Management:

-  DeltaV system
-  ROC controllers
-  ROCLINK software
-  Field instrumentation

  • Yokogawa:

- Controllers of CENTUM CS 3000 system
- STARDOM controllers
- Preparing and debugging  CENTUM CS 3000 software and STARDOM controllers
- Field instrumentation

  • Schneider Electric:

- Automation platforms Modicom of Compact, Momentum, Micro, Quantum, Premium, M340, Twido series
- Setup and debugging means: Concept, UNITY
- MAGELIS graphic terminal
- SCADA-system Vijeo Citect, InTouch (Wonderware)


- SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, ET-200, S7-mEC, Microbox, LOGO! controllers
- STEP 7 setup and debugging tools
- SIMATIC control panels
- SCADA-system WinCC

  • Rockwell Automation:

- Controllers of CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix, SoftLogix5800, DriveLogix family
- Debugging and setup tools of RSLinx, RSLogix, RSNetWorx software, software of FactoryTalk series
- SCADA-system RS View, FactoryTalk series

  • GE Fanuc:

- Controllers of VersaMax, 90-30, 90-70, PACSystems RX3, PACSystems RX7i series
- Setup and debugging tools of Cimplicity, Logic Developer PLC, Logic Developer State software
- SCADA-system Logic Developer PC

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