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Integrated Automation for Oil and Gas Production

SME Tomsk Electronic Company designs and supplies integrated automation systems both for new and upgraded facilities for oil and gas production.

For all the years of its operation our Company has gained significant experience in automation systems designing and applying various technical solutions with their consequent successful implementation. Using its rich experience and exercising an individual approach to designing of each automation system for each facility our Company provides high quality services and observance of dates.

The specialty of our Company regarding PCS for oil and gas production is the automation of some single units, integrated facilities of some fields and group of fields.

Integrated automation of oil production includes the following:

  • Remote control for pads and some single wells
  • Automation of oil treatment facilities (OTU, BPS, WKOU, CTP and others)
  • Automation of facilities for oil transportation and treatment (oil refineries, tank farms etc)

Communication within oilfield and between fields allows access of the service personnel and senior field specialists to routine process information about automated facility and data on the facility state. When communication is provided for groups of fields, the data required for the company management system can be provided through a satellite channel to the head quarters of the company.

Regarding gas production facilities we have the experience of automation of the following units:

  • Compressor stations (CS)
  • Gas distribution stations (GDS)

Besides designing automation systems for production facilities our Company can build unique training centers such as Automated Control System for Training Grounds of Training Center, OOO Gasprom Transgas Tomsk.

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