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BZS-03 Circuit Protection Unit

BZS-03 circuit protection unit is aimed for high-speed protection of equipment from excessive voltage and overload in mono phase circuits with alternating currents up to 220V, as well as for control over main circuit parameters. Maximum output capacity makes 2500W. The main application of BZS-03 is protection of UPS from emergencies and recording the main circuit parameters into non volatile memory. 


  • Protection from all sorts of overvoltage
  • Protection from circuit undervoltage
  • Integrated protection from current overload
  • Protection from impulse circuit interference
  • Protection from circuit overfrequency and underfrequency
  • Extended ranges of input voltage
  • High accuracy of circuit parameters storing
  • Indication of operation parameters
  • Controlled by keyboard
  • Implementing interfaces RS-232, RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Digital outputs
  • Non volatile memory
  • Keeping failiures log and temporary archive of main circuit parameters

Technical Parameters

 Input Parameters:

Ranges of input monophase voltage, V

from 150 to 450

Measurement error for input voltage, %


Ranges of measured currents, A

from 0.5 to 20

Measurement error for current consumed by load, A


Setup ranges for trip points:

- for excessive voltage, V

from 225 to 310

- for lower voltage, V

from 160 to 215

- for circuit frequency, Hz

from 43 to 57

- for output current (load current), A

from 2 to 11

 Output parameters:

Maximum output voltage, W


Time ranges adjustment when tripping in case of emergency 

from 10 mcs to 10 ms


Ambient temperature, °C

from -10 to +50

Type of fastening

screw fastening

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg, not exceeding


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