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Railroad Treatment and Inspection Line for Tangshan Wenfeng Shanchuan Train Wheel Co., LTD

Specialists of SME TEC Ltd., developed a quotation on implementation of process line for treatment and control of railroad wheels for high-speed trains for Tangshan Wenfeng Shanchuan Train Wheel Co., LTD (Tanshan, China). The structure of this line advantageously allows supplying discarded wheels for retreatment.

The line includes the following equipment:

  • Wheel number identification unit (TEC, Russia)
  • Manipulators (TEC, Russia)
  • Column type drilling machine (PITTLER, Germany)
  • Lathes (PITTLER, Germany)
  • Washing unit (TEC, Russia)
  • Balance machine (Hofmann, Germany)
  • Hardness control unit (Laizhou Huayin, China)
  • Dimensional measurement unit (Mermec, Italy)
  • Ultrasound testing unit (Fraunhofer, Germany)
  • Magnet fluorescent inspection unit (Karl Deutsch, Germany)
  • Shot-blasting machine (Wheelabrator, Canada)
  • Painting and drying machine (TEC, Russia)
  • Transportation cars (TEC, Russia)
  • Loading and discharge devices (TEC, Russia)


Technical Parameters

 Line cycle time, sec/wheels


 Wheel diameter, mm

From 770 to 1250

 Performance, wheels per year

100 000


Process diagram

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