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ASTEK-02 Soft starter

ASTEK-02 is an electronic switching over device implementing control over three phase asynchronous motor with square cage rotor. This device combines functions for soft starter and braking, protection of mechanisms and motors and provides communication with automation systems. 

ASTEK-02 is aimed for reduction of startup currents, decreasing of overheating chances, enhancement of electric motor service life, avoiding jumps in the mechanical part of the actuator and preventing water hammer effect in pipelines ad valves during startup and shutdown of electric drives.


ASTEK-02 is used for control over units for general industrial and specific purposes:

  • pumps, fans and compressors,
  • transporters and conveyors,
  • heavy load and inertia devices,
  • grinding, metal and wood working machines,
  • machines and devices with belt, chain and other types of transmission, geared motors,
  • centrifuges, mills,
  • crane equipment,
  • valves and fittings


Soft starter performs the following functions:

  • Smooth start and shutdown
    ASTEK-02 provides smooth start and shutdown which can be adjusted timewise due to linear change of voltage at the electric motor. Initial level of voltage for start is adjustable. When the time for soft start is over, full voltage from the network is supplied to the motor. When the time for soft shutdown is over, the motor is fully cut off from power supply.
  • Braking mode
    ASTEK-02 provides braking which can be adjusted timewise due to induction-dynamic commutation mode of voltage at the motor. When the time for braking is over, the motor is fully cut off from power supply.
  • Current adjustment
    ASTEK-02-02 provides adjustment (limiting) of preset level of motor current. Current level is monitored at all modes of electric motor operation: startup, movement, shutdown or braking. When the current level is exceeded ASTEK-02 reduces the voltage supplied to electric motor.
  • Interfacing with remote control
    ASTEK provides data exchange with PCS through RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU exchange protocol. Through this interface the complete diagnostic for ASTEK-02 state is done as well as commands sending.
    Additionally to the interface connection of digital control signals is provided, such as Open, Close, Stop, terminal switches KVO, KVZ, motor temperature sensor DT and digital outputs of Movement and Emergency.
    Setup of digital control is done for impulse or potential operation mode.

Technical Parameters

 Rated supply voltage, V

380, 3 phases

 Capacity of the asynchronous electric motor to be connected, kW 

up to 7.5

 Number of digital inputs/outputs


 Interfacing with remote control

Modbus RTU protocol

 Exchange rate through interface, bits per sec

up to 57600

 Voltage of digital control inputs, V


 Voltage of digital alarm outputs

24В DC/220В AC,
output type - dry contact

 Weight, kg


 Dimensions, mm


 Operating temperature,°C

from -40 to +50

 Casing design


 Operation mode

S1, S2, S3, S4


Main types of implemented protection:

  • from phase loss
  • from overheating of motor and converter
  • from lingering startup
  • from shaft load loss (can be disabled)
  • from overrunning allowable frequency start
  • from wrong phase consequence with automatic connection correction
  • time-current and maximum current protection of motor
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